Venue Dressing

Venue Dressing

From lighting to balloons, our directory of venue dressers makes it easy for you to find everything you need to create the perfect wedding theme. Each of the venues that we list is incredibly experienced in catering to all your potential venue dressing needs and they are especially skilled at transforming a venue into the perfect wedding venue.

These venue dressing companies are ideal if you are looking for all your decorations to be provided by one supplier rather than having to source them all individually. It is also another one of our budgeting tips, by doing this you reduce the number of companies involved in the preparation of your wedding and therefore the amount you would have to pay for services and time.

At Helen Carter Weddings we use our 10+ years in the wedding planning business to only bring you the most trusted and reliable venue dressers. This means that you don’t have to waste any time trying to narrow down a potential list of companies when it would only take a moment through us. We know exactly how to plan a wedding and work closely alongside you and the venue dressers to ensure your wedding day looks exactly as you have always imagined it would.

Each of these companies offers a bespoke service and caters to your exact needs, helping to save you money where possible and offer budgeting tips. Our close relationship to these venue dressers means that you don’t have to worry about the small details, both parties are experienced at working alongside each other and ensuring the wedding venue looks fantastic for the big day. As your wedding planner we only want the best for you and therefore you can trust that we would only ever use a company that we fully trust and have had prior experience with.

We hope you enjoy looking through some of our listed venue dressing companies and get a good understanding of exactly what is available to you.