Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

Music is an essential part of wedding celebrations and it is up to you to decide whether you would prefer the diversity of a wedding DJ or the presence of a live wedding band. Each of the two have their own strengths and our wedding band listings provide you with some of the most talented and impressive wedding bands in the area.

There is nothing quite like a live band when it comes to a wedding party, there is such a wide variety of musical styles and performers for you to choose between that you can often find some incredible talent, which will ultimately make your wedding day even more memorable.

A wedding band tends to have much more of a presence than a DJ would and they can inject some real energy into the party as well as unique moments of intimacy for moments such as the first dance.

You also have the opportunity to request specific songs that you would like them to perform and it is worth noting that the wedding bands that we list are made up of session musicians rather than amateurs, so you are going to be getting a lot of talent for your money.

At Helen Carter Weddings we are proud to have incredibly talented musicians on our wedding band listings. These are bands that we have had the privilege of working alongside and can vouch for their professionalism and skill. Overall we believe you can’t really compare live music to a track list, you might not get the huge variety that playing songs off a laptop can give you but there is extra scope for special moments thanks to a live band.

For a better idea of some of the best musicians available to you feel free to view our wedding planner book for our preferred wedding bands.