Wedding planner book

Wedding planner book

With over 10 years of experience in the wedding planning business it is fair to say that we have accumulated a strong list of trusted suppliers for your wedding. We know that the hardest part of arranging a wedding can be finding a quality supplier that will match your wedding budget and because we are well established in the industry, we can often provide you with much better rates than if you were to contact them directly.

We have a great variety of suppliers in our wedding planner book and it can make your life easier in many ways.

We have supplier relationships
It is only natural to assume that by researching suppliers yourself that you are going to ensure you are getting the best deal, however this isn’t always the case. To put thing into perspective, we have helped organise hundreds of weddings and this will likely be your first. Therefore we have had a lot of time to figure how suppliers work and who is trustworthy. We want what is best for your wedding and through us we can help you stick to your wedding budget and get the best possible suppliers.

We know what to look for in suppliers
It can be difficult to know exactly what to ask or expect from suppliers if it is the first time you have ever had to hire anyone. Because of this you might also struggle to get an accurate idea of pricing and if they can work within your wedding budget. By using our services, we ensure there won’t be any nasty surprises from miscommunications with suppliers and you will have everything you need on your wedding day.

We’re good at haggling
Our wedding planner book has listings of the most renowned and reliable suppliers. Throughout the years we have built great professional relationships with them and because of this we are able to get you much better prices than you might be able to get if you went direct.